This is o of my favorite shots from Glendale Shoals. I love the perspective displayed in the shot. I took this as I was leaving Glendale; it was one of my final shots that I took. I love the way the light from the sun is brightening up this image. The shallow depth of field is prevalent as the foreground id clear while the background is blurry. I feel as though shallow depth of field give the spectator of an image a better understanding of what the photographer is trying to focus on. The brightness of this image is impeccable even without editing or saturation. The light source on the left of the image is different from the rest, and I feel as though that is what is intriguing. I usually choose to do black and white images, However I believe this would not look the same in a monochromatic state.

Photo Credit : Khadijah Joyner

KAJ- Weekly Post #24




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In life you never know who will become your friend. A knew Liz a tiny bit before this class started . Working on the midterm together really opened my eyes about her. She is kind, a sweetheart, understanding, and most importantly an ATHLETE. I love this picture of her and think that it displays her personality perfectly. Her smile is infectious and it brightens up the room. A picture is worth a thousand words and this photograph is living proof of that. This goofy soul is going far in life and I excited to see what her future entails. This picture was taken when we were supposed to be taking portraits and Liz could not keep a straight face. I feel as though this shot is perfect the way it is and nothing needs to be changed . I love her hair flowing in the wind, her eyes closed, and smile the center of attention.

Photo Credit : Khadijah Joyner

KAJ -Weekly Post # 23



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tin types.

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Oh No No NO. I do not like this picture at all it is taunting and creepy. This scary and reminds me of the work she did with the dead corpse. I am sure this was staged due to the camera she uses for her photographs. So what exactly is she trying to say? Why was this a picture she wanted to shoot? Even though this is not my favorite, the way she used light was amazing in this photo. The lady in the black and is in the shadow of the lady in the forefront with white on. The window (or some other source of light) is showing just on the lady in front. Black represents power, elegance, formality, DEATH, EVIL, and MYSTERY. White represents LIGHT, GOODNESS, INNOCENCE, PURITY, and virginity. Even though this image is black and white a powerful story is portrayed and as I look at it more and more I began to not hate this image.

Photo Credit : Sally Mann

KAJ -Weekly Post #22

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This picture reminds me of all things Wofford. I plan on using Sally Mann’s photos from her “Landscape” album for my next four blog post. In nineteen days I will be graduating from Wofford with a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. When I look at this picture it looks like the exact place I will be receiving my diploma in a few weeks. I love this school and every opportunity that I have presented since I made my decision to be a Terrier. The prevalent objects in this picture are the trees, and we all know that WOCO is an arboretum. I have a new found love for trees, and black and white images as we all know. The light that is beyond the trees symbolizes to be new beginnings and open opportunity. I adore Sally Mann’s work and appreciate her work more and more after I see more images.

Photo Credit :Sally Mann

KAJ Weekly Post #20

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